September 8, 2019





18th edition



" Flat and fast courses along the Saint Lawrence River. Scenic view.

   Friendly atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you! "


On September 8, 2019, will be held the 17th edition of the Marathon de Rimouski. Since its first edition in 2002, it has earned a prominent place among the largest running events in Quebec and Eastern Canada.


The Marathon de Rimouski is rated among the fastest courses in North America while offering breathtaking views of the seashore. Whether you’re seeking a new personal best or you want to take on a challenge with family and friends, be among the 5,000 registrants!


        Date:   Sunday, September 8, 2019

Distances:  1K - 5K - 10K - 21.1K - 42.2K

        Lieu :  Place des Anciens Combattants, Rimouski

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services offered






Aid stations and dry toilets along the course

Professional medical team

Sublimated long sleeve shirt

Chocolate milk, bananas and water at the finish

Aluminum blanket at the finish

Post-race hot meal

Medal for all finishers

Free downloadable photos

Electronic timing (bibtag)

Free bag drop service

Downloadable finisher’s certificate







A running cap will be given to the top-3 finishers of each of the following age groups:

 42.2K:  18 to 29 y.o., 30 to 39 y.o., 40 à 49 y.o., 50 à 59 y.o., 60 à 69 y.o., 70 & +

 21.1K:  18 to 29 y.o., 30 to 39 y.o., 40 à 49 y.o., 50 à 59 y.o., 60 à 69 y.o., 70 & +

 10K: 18 & -, 18 to 29 y.o., 30 to 39 y.o., 40 à 49 y.o., 50 à 59 y.o., 60 à 69 y.o., 70 & +

 5K: 12 & -, 13-14 y.o., 15  à 17 y.o., 18 to 29 y.o., 30 to 39 y.o., 40 à 49 y.o., 50 à 59 y.o., 60 à 69 y.o., 70 & +

Please note there will be no awards ceremony for age group winners. Once the results have been published, the caps will be available in a designated area under the tent, near the finish line.


Prize money will be awarded to the top-3 athletes in the overall classification for each event. The award ceremony will take place immediately after the arrival of the eligible athletes on the balcony close to the finish line.

42.2 K

 1st position:   $1,000

 2nd position:    $600

 3rd position:     $300

 4th position:     $200

 5th position:     $100

New course record: + $500

21.1 K

 1st position:    $300

 2nd position:   $200

 3rd position:    $100

New course record:  + $150

10 K

 1st position:    $200

 2nd position:   $100

 3rd position:      $50

New course record:  + $100

5 K

 1st position:    $100

 2nd position:     $50

 3rd position:      $25

New course record:  + $50



Attributed by the Federation Quebecoise d'Athletisme, the Gold Label identifies the events that offer the highest level of services to the runners.

Performance bonus up to



 Elite Incentive Program


Bib pick-up (under the tent)

Saturday, September 7th :          11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday, September 8th :               7:00 AM to 12:30 PM

To pick up someone else's bib, you will need to present the registration confirmation of that person. You will also need to identify yourself.

Pasta dinner (under the tent)

Saturday, September 7th :    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The pasta dinner is intended for participants (not included with registration) and their accompanying guests. Tickets can be purchased for $12 when registering online. Tickets will be handed out with your bib. Tickets will also be sold on site.   

Start of the races

The start of the all races will take place near the tent. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time.

           Marathon (42.2K):    8:30 AM *

  Half-marathon (21.1K):    8:30 AM

                                    10K:    8:45 AM

                                    5K:  10:10 AM

                                    1K:  12:30 PM

* An early start will be given at 7 AM for marathon participants who expect to complete the distance in more than 5 hours and 30 minutes. The results for these participants will appear in the official results. Please note than the services on the course (first aid and aid stations) will be available starting at 8 AM.

Post-race meal (under the tent)

Sunday, September 8th :       10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

The post-race meal is included with registration for the 10K, half-marathon (21K) and marathon (42K). Additional tickets can be purchased for $15 when registering online. Tickets will be handed out with your bib. Tickets will also be sold on site.

All of the Marathon de Rimouski's activities will take place under a tent at the Place des Anciens Combattants in downtown Rimouski, or nearby. Click here to view the location on a map.

Bag drop

A bag drop service will be available for free under the tent on race day. Before leaving your bag, identify it by attaching the tear-off portion of your bib. Do not leave any valuables, money or jewelry in your bag. The organization cannot be held responsible for lost or stollen items.


Several dry toilets will be located near the tent. Public toilets located outside the Tourist Information Office will also be accessible.


Showers will be available for participant at the Institut maritime du Québec (IMQ). This educational institution is located about 300 meters away from the race site.


" Flat and fast courses along the Saint Lawrence River.

  Scenic view. "


All the Marathon de Rimouski's events are taking place on back-and-forth courses along the Saint Lawrence River. The courses are entirely flat or have only short and gentle false flats, for a maximal vertical drop of 10 meters over the distance of the marathon. The courses are duly certified by Athletics Canada, so the times achieved can be used as qualifying times for other events, including Boston Marathon. The first and last 5 kilometers are closed to vehicle traffic. Traffic is permitted on the rest of the course, but car density and speed are low.


Registration Policy

Registrations are not refundable or deferrable. Once your registration has been completed, you will not be entitled to any refund if you can't take part in the event, regardless of the reason, and you will not be allowed to defer your registration to next year. If the event is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organizers (extreme climatic conditions, natural disaster, major accident or disaster), the Marathon de Rimouski reserves the right to retain some or all the funds, based on the already incurred expenses.


Age required

(the day of the race)

Through July 1, 2019

From July 2

to Aug. 5, 2019

from August 6

to Sept. 5, 2019

On site

(Sept. 7, 2019)

Limit of participants

Entries received**

$52 *

























16 & +

16 & +

12 & +

5 & +

2 & +

Procedure of registration

Online registration

Register now, and make a secure credit card payment (transaction fees apply). Online registration ends on September 5, 2019 at 11:59 PM, or when the limit of participants is reached for a specific event.

On-site registration

If the limit for an event hasn't been reached yet, it will be possible to register on site, on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Payment in cash or by credit card is required.


* transaction fees extra

** Information updated on Septembre 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM


1 000

1 100

1 000







change / Transfer

Race change

Race changes are allowed provided that the maximum number of entries hasn't been reached for a given distance.   A fee is charged when switching to a longer event. No refund is given for changing to a shorter distance.

42 k

21 k

10 k

5 k

1 k

Initial distance

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - New distance - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

42 k

21 k

10 k

5 k

1 k

- - -


$0 1

$0 1

$0 1

+ $10 *

- - -

$0 1

$0 1

$0 1

+ $50 *

+ $35 *

- - -

$0 1

$0 1

+ $55 *

+ $40 *

+ $10 *

- - -

$0 1

+ $60 *

+ $45 *

+ $15 *

+ $10 *

- - -

* transaction fees extra

1 The shirt included with the initial registration will be given to you free of charge


Registration transfer

If you are unable to attend the event, you can transfer you registration to someone else. The person who accepts the transfer will have to pay an amount of $5, plus transaction fees.

1. Log in or create a new account with the email address used during registration:

2. Once the session is open, click on "MANAGE EVENT" under "Marathon de Rimouski"

3. Click on the "MANAGE REGISTRATION" button, then choose "Transfer Registration"

4. Type the email address od the person to whom you want to transfer the registration, then click on "SEND TRANSFER"

If you need assistance for transfering registration, please contact customer service:

The deadline for transfering and accepting a registration is Friday, August 30, 2019. It will also be possible to transfer a registration in person on Saturday, September 7, 2019. No registration transfer will be allowed on race day. The Marathon de Rimouski accepts no responsibility for any transaction concluded between 2 individuals and involving the transfer or sale of a registration.

To request a race change, please contact customer service :

The deadline to request a race change is Friday, September 28, 2018. After that, you can request a change of distance in person on Saturday, September 7, 2019, provided that the maximum number of entries hasn't been reached for a given distance.

No change will be allowed on race day.


course records


Jean-Marie Uwajeneza

Salomé Nyirarukundo


Maxime Lapierre

Catherine Cormier


Grant Handrigan

Andrée-Anne Dumont


Jorge Gutierrez

Gabrielle Roberge






New Richmond































Click below to view photos taken during the event. High resolutions pictures can be downloaded for free.



contact FORM

  • I haven't received a registration confirmation!

    Once the registration is completed, you should receive a confirmation email to the address you provided. If not, have a look in your SPAM folder. Have a look there! If it's not there, or if you erased it by mistake, send an email to and ask for it to be resent.

  • Is the Marathon a Boston Qualifier?

    Our course is certified by Athletics Canada and the results can be used as qualifying times for the prestigious Boston Marathon. According to, the Marathon de Rimouski ranks among the 30 fastest marathons in North America, based on the percentage of Boston qualifiers.

  • I can't participate anymore. Can I be reimbursed?

    As stated in our Registration Policy, registrations are not refundable or deferrable to next year. In the event of injury or insufficient training, you can   change for a shorter distance. You can also request to receive a registration credit you can transfer to a person of your choice. Please refer to the "Change/Transfer" section.

  • Are walkers are allowed to participate?

    Yes! Walkers can participate in all distances, except the 42K. Please note, however, that there is no distinct classification for walkers. They will be ranked with runners. Also, if you like, you can alternate between walking and running as you wish.

  • Can I run with headphones?

    You can run with headphones provided you can hear the outside noises around you. You must be able to listen the instructions that are given to you, yeld to another participant, or hear the vehicles that can circulate on some sections of the course. This is for your safety and that of other participants.

  • Can I run with my child for the 1K?

    The 1K event is open to all, with no age limit. However, you must register to run with your child, even if you already taken part to another distance. The finish of the 1K takes place at the same time as the marathon (42K), so we must limit the number of people on the course to ensure a plaseant and safe experience for all.

  • Can I run with a stroller?

    Strollers are allowed for all distances. If so, please position yourself to avoid harming other particpants and putting your child's safety at risk. Avoid running two strollers wide on the course and keep your right. Note than the child in a stroller doesn't have to be registered.

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